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eCommerce Strategy Consulting & Solution Design

Aquavision TV Productions, a Lion Mountain Media company, have been the continent’s leading supplier of wildlife television content for over 25 years. Purveyors of top-class, high-quality wildlife footage in a wide variety of formats, Aquavision also offers breath-taking wildlife stills and top-notch photographic equipment rental.

Our team of eCommerce aficionados have been consulting with Aquavision and Lion Mountain on the group’s eCommerce strategy for a number of years. We’ve worked closely with them to develop and execute on a strategy that aligns to their medium- and long-term business goals.

Aquavision’s primary offering is video footage and not a physical, tangible product, which our strategy had to cater for carefully. The company sells mainly to overseas clients situated in Europe, USA and the United Kingdom, whose limitations in terms of currency, tax, licensing rights and method of delivery vary – and this also had to be taken into account.

The eCommerce strategy for Lion Mountain and Aquavision contains two parts: Functionality and Marketing. The functionality part of this strategy speaks to what their customers are able to do using Aquavision’s online footage store and other properties, and when. The marketing part of this strategy complements the functionality part and speaks to driving traffic to the online store and other web properties in a cost-effective and sales-effective way.

A high-level functionality roadmap was defined for this online store that leaves room for data-driven decisions as time passes, giving credence to actual usage patterns as they emerge. This same data is used in executing on the marketing part of Aquavision’s eCommerce strategy as well.

Web development has been carried out by Spratt Consulting, our trusted development supplier, who kicked off with a full rebuild of Aquavision’s corporate website and followed with piece-meal additions of eCommerce functionality. The introduction of the GDPR framework in 2018 necessitated certain changes to the store’s configuration that had to prioritised, which is an example of a ‘known unknown’ that we strive to plan for whenever we develop an eCommerce strategy or design a solution.

This online store is the solution to eCommerce enablement that we developed with our client, as opposed to selling through existing 3rd party e-retailers. The two main factors behind this decision were a) the group’s desire to remain independent – and b) the size of Aquavision’s footage library, which is in excess of 15,000 hours of footage and growing constantly.

Lion Mountain Media expressed their desire to remain independent of 3rd party retailers from the start, in particular because footage sales establish rights and licensing agreements that dictate who, where, when and how the footage can be used, and for how long. Independence is made all the more valuable by the economic climate in South Africa, where the company is based, and where the strength of our currency fluctuates regularly.

We continue to work closely with Aquavision and Lion Mountain Media in their eCommerce activities. Aquavision’s internal staff were trained by Spratt Consulting on the clip-uploading process when their store first went live, and have been independently maintaining the catalogue ever since. Though the initial focus when designing the online shopping journey was on existing clients in Europe, the UK and USA – this property has evolved – and continues to evolve – into a truly global channel that targets new and existing clientele alike. Through this channel, Aquavision has facilitated footage sales to customers in London, China and here in South Africa as well.